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Morgan manor: Morgan Manor, Morgana and her eight witch sisters await your arrival within her Victorian Mansion.The Manor has a deadly spirit of its own within its 13 guest rooms of death and despair.As you enter, the series of challenges that await were designed to..
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Winning coffee tabs can be redeemed for any hot beverage, including a latte, tea or hot chocolate!Social media users have already started sharing photos of the new red and white cups adorned with stereotypical Canadian motifs such as a beaver, an inukshuk, a bottle of..
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(eliminated after the entrée) Catherine O'Brien, Chef Owner, TerraCotta Wine Bistro, Santa Fe,.
Despite its lethal reputation, the blowfish tails were farm-raised and did not have any poison.The winner received 10,000 and a spot in the 50,000 grand finale.Title Original airdate 317 1 "A Chopped Halloween" October 6, 2015 Ingredients: Appetizer: gory ribs, broccoli rabe, blood soup, mozzarella eyeballs Entrée: lobster, pickled pigs lips, squid ink pasta, coffin toast Dessert: Day of the Dead cookies, watermelon brain, chocolate covered bugs, boo-nilla shakes Judges.Title Original airdate 278 1 "Every 'Wich Way" December 16, 2014 Ingredients: Appetizer: polenta log, braised beef brisket, araucana eggs, tomatillos Entrée: pâté, mango licorice, thousand island dressing, pork shoulder Dessert: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, marshmallow spread, thai curry paste, chocolate covered espresso beans.The baskets were holiday themed.48 9 "Turbot Powered" June 15, 2010 Ingredients: Appetizer: chicken thighs, bitter melon, cream cheese, papadum Entrée: turbot, wasabi peas, purple cauliflower, satsuma mikan Dessert: brie, rutabaga, frozen cranberries, English muffins Judges: Scott Conant Geoffrey Zakarian Aarón Sánchez Contestants: Anthony Locastro, Executive Chef, Downtown Association.In the entrée round, Chef Norton cut herself, contaminating her dish.275 11 "Hot Stuff" June 2, 2015 Ingredients: Appetizer: tom yum soup, goats milk yogurt, pork ribs, habanero peppers Entrée: vindaloo sauce, hearts of palm, monkfish, ghost pepper beef jerky Dessert: devil's tres leches cake, pink lemons, canary melon, chili pepper honey Judges: Contestants: Mei.
Each basket contained ingredients associated with summertime.
409 6 "Star Power: Grand Finale" April 25, 2017 Ingredients: Appetizer: lobster tails, leaf lettuce iceberg, star fruit, cinnamon toaster pastries Entrée: yuca chips, bitter melon, brandy, swineapple Dessert: macarons, soursop, drinkable yogurt, pistachios Judges: Geoffrey Zakarian Alex Guarnaschelli Scott Conant Contestants: Episode notes.

Paul Rut was awarded an authentic Chopped chefs coat.33 7 "Flower Power" March 14, 2010 Ingredients: Appetizer: chicken breast, kiwi, zucchini blossoms Entrée: scallops, cranberry juice, artichokes, burdock root Dessert: blackberries, apple cider, shredded phyllo dough, fresh chickpeas Judges: Contestants: Bill Feldman, Chef and Entrepreneur, New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer) Keith.For Chopped Junior, see, list of Chopped Junior episodes.Title Original airdate 136 1 "Sunny Side Apps" June 5, 2012 Ingredients: Appetizer: corned beef, gummy fried eggs, black olives, baby officeworks team member discount corn Entrée: striped bass, sour lemon candy, Jerusalem artichokes, cream of mushroom soup Dessert: spearmint leaf candy, knodel, almond flour, raisins on the vine.227 2 "Return and Redeem" February 25, 2014 Ingredients: Appetizer: lime gelatin, prosciutto, celery, prawn cocktail chips Entrée: sour candy belts, quinoa, pickled turnips, red snapper Dessert: palm seeds in syrup, chocolate-covered raisins, dulce de leche, multi-grain cereal Judges: Contestants: Episode notes : This episode.All four contestants were male.Due to height of the contestants, Ted had been called upon to help them out.The classic burger fixings in the second round contained onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.
S18 "Grill Masters Napa: Part 2" July 12, 2016 Ingredients: Appetizer: lamb belly, baked beans, flatbread dough, grilled grapefruit Entrée: sea urchin, reginelle, leeks, side of halibut Dessert: cinnamon rolls, spicy tamarind candies, marshmallows, strawberries Judges: Marc Murphy Amanda Freitag Michael Chiarello Contestants: Nate Berrigan-Dunlop.

52 13 "Rowdy With a Chance of Meatballs" July 13, 2010 Ingredients: Appetizer: red carrots, Chinese okra, potato knishes, ocean perch Entrée: ground pork, sorghum molasses, cheese crackers, mustard greens Dessert: puffed rice cereal, cognac, butterscotch candy, pancetta Judges: Geoffrey Zakarian Alex Guarnaschelli Chris Santos.