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We love how they look hanging on our tree!Facebook, oR perhaps, twitter is your thing.Oh, and why not pop over and like.Method, simply roll and cut your clay using the circle cutter.String for hanging them.Louise x, if you want to become a Fellow Fun Mum..
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Hillary will win south carolina

Said one voter, T Jackson, after leaving a polling station in Hopkins on Saturday.
(Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) Dot Scott, the president of the naacps Charleston branch, was similarly critical of Sanders team.So youre going to assume either from my voice or from my selection that the most important thing that Sen.But I vote anyway, I voted today, hoping that it does matter.Bernie Sanders speaks in Rochester, Minnesota, after losing the South Carolina primary.Clintons victory in South Carolina is in large part a product of her success in courting African American voters, who made up some six in 10 of those casting ballots, according to exit polls.

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But Im telling you from the bottom of my heart,.Palmetto States Democratic presidential contest on Saturday, defeating Sen.But in the week leading up to the primary, Sanders triangulated by racing between states holding primaries and caucuses next month - Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio - rather than getting as much face time with voters here as possible.Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) thanks to the strong support of African-American voters, who comprised over 60 percent of the primary electorate in the state.She said one of these entreaties from the Sanders campaign led her to go off on a 10-minute tirade and demand an apology.One of the problems in 2008 was that she didnt go to where her heart aligned and the heart of the African-American community, which are African-American women, Sellers said.
Nobody really local reached out.

Clinton also won 54 percent of white voters, which should be heartening to her campaign since Sanders has beaten her among white voters in previous contests.
You could hear this person struggling to come up with what theyre going to say next.
Hillary Clinton crushed Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary and immediately turned to potential battles ahead as she offered a vision for America based on love and kindness in stark contrast to the anger and division promoted by Donald Trump.