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There is no denying that. .
Some seem to welcome this new diy field hockey gifts favela versus Park Avenue version of the future yet fail to examine what this does to younger generations. .
So it might be useful to look at an area dominated by home owners. .One issue that constantly comes up with Prop 13 is that you dont want grandma thrown out to roam around the streets.A. .When did California home owners move into their current house?It is human nature (a biological imperative no doubt) to think that you had some hand in your own success, even if it is largely a luck of the draw when it comes to timing the real estate market. .Five new households move in but one is truly the controller here. .People seem to forget about the flood of foreclosures that ravaged the state only a few years ago no need to dwell on that and California is notorious for who will win europa league economic amnesia.Not pretty but it does shed the real story behind people and their actual behavior. .The place is listed for sale at 974,900. .Clearly grandma isnt being put out on the cold streets of Culver City to roam around looking over her shoulders for those tax collecting zombies while snacking on Slim Jims.It should come as no surprise that a state with some of the most restrictions and red tape also has some of the most expensive real estate. .Maybe the air over this piece of land will be cleaner once you ink that new mega-mortgage. .The place sold for 750,000 on August of 2013 for 750,000. .

It was interesting to read some comments from readers that were shocked that San Jose actually had some, get this, ghetto areas. .This is a much higher figure than statewide data but reflects a similar moving dynamic. .So naturally, it is likely that renting households move more often (the data isnt broken down between groups). .One thing is very clear here though, people move a lot regardless of owner or renter status. .California households can actually afford to purchase a home. .Without a doubt, you have many households enjoying those golden real estate handcuffs but how big of a difference is this? .At least the data shows that the majority dont do this for a variety of reasons, mainly that it really is expensive to live here. .Nearly 67 percent of households moved into their property from 2000 to the present. .Instead, subsidies in housing have created perverse incentives that have now caused the market to go bananas and where a large majority of recent sales are six flags over texas dallas discount tickets now going to real estate investors. .

Now the current investor/buyer is looking at a 750,000 tax assessment but if they get their target list price, the new buyer will have to fork over taxes on a 974,900 property. .