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Win synonym slang

win synonym slang

Best if done wearing bicycle gloves.
He's going to go over the bars and do a digger." dirt bike.A rolling enclosure is the typical traffic kwik fill country giveaway control used to run a road race.A rider who flies over the handlebars and doesn't hit the ground for a long time.Antonyms 1 free, let go, release 2 give, give back, hand over, restore, return, surrender, yield 4 avoid, dodge, give in, give way 6 decline, dismiss, eschew, ignore, refuse, reject, scorn, spurn 9 fail, flop (informal) 10 send.Dig It caig IT?Dishing a wheel.The motor referee is often primarily responsible for centerline rule enforcement during road races using a rolling enclosure.Someone who just got hustled.Totaly Totaly Awesome totally cool; absoulutly: "That joint was like so totally awesome" Tough Cool or impressive.'gimme some skin man' Glow Worm to be very shiny Gnarly cool, awesome, very good Gnarly Cool; That club was gnarly.
So Radical tha is like so sweet Solid Cool "Thats pretty solid" Solid Solid- A gracious, friendly, or obliging act as in) favor: Please do me a solid.
Bitchen cool, the all time best, good idea, "That bike is bitchen or "Bitchen, let's hst rebate for non profit organizations go!" Bitchin' Way cool or really really neat!

Grouse good Gully real goood Gunshot!"Some betty stopped by and performed a rock ectomy on my knee after the wreck, I think she digs my scene." rocket fuel.J) of the ABA.Meaning i understand, like,hey man, are you down with it?A bike mechanic, especially at a professional bike race in Western Canada.'chill' 'be Cool' relax, man!"That's a tough looking car." "Those new shoes are tough" Tripping A term used to describe a deemed insane action or comment by others.Small, regular undulations of the soil surface that make for a very rough ride."that was tooootally rad(ical)!" Radical cool, awesome,sweet.'Don't Be Such A 'spaz a 'spaz' was someone that was accident prone, clutsy, or just acting stupid.
Short for "casual." Example: "We went to that new shop.